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Over 450 Phonics Decodable Readers Available Now in the Reading Eggs Library

Phonics Decodable Readers

Back in August, we saw over 30 science books added to the Reading Eggs Library to nurture budding scientists.

The Library just got bigger and better with over hundreds of newly added phonics decodable readers! With these new additions, teachers now have over 450 phonics decodable readers to choose from.

What makes these decodable readers unique is that each of them also comes with a comprehension quiz at the end. When students complete these end-of-book quizzes, they earn golden eggs which can be used to decorate their avatars and homes.

End of book quiz in Reading Eggs Library books

Completed books will also be automatically recorded in their Reading Journal, to celebrate their reading achievements.

If your school adopts a systematic synthetic phonics approach and is looking for decodable readers to support your students’ phonics learning, don’t miss out on our decodable series below.

Get access to over 450 decodable readers all in one place!

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Fast Phonics Decodable Readers

Fast phonics decodable readers

There are over 60 Fast Phonics decodable readers to choose from in the Reading Eggs Library.

Fast Phonics decodable readers are books that match the words taught in each corresponding Fast Phonics Peak. For example, ‘Pat taps’ aligns to Peak 1, focusing on the phonemes s, a, t, and p (Phase 2 of Letter and Sounds).

Fast Phonics is an online systematic synthetic phonics program, which is included with a subscription to Reading Eggs. Here, students embark on a sequenced learning journey and work their way through 20 fun-filled levels known as Peaks. Each Peak is filled with exciting phonics games, focusing on a specific set of letters and sounds.

Designed for early and emergent readers, Fast Phonics (part of the Reading Eggs full suite) has all the resources to help you implement a systematic synthetic phonics approach in your classroom.

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Ransom Reading Star Series

Ransom Reading Stars Decodable Readers

The Library now has the complete set of over 110 phonics decodable readers from the Ransom Reading Star series.

Ransom Reading Stars decodable readers follow Phases 2 to 5 of Letters and Sounds and provide a mix of fiction and non-fiction titles, featuring illustrations and photographs.

The titles gradually cover the different letters and sounds, support the blending of consonant sounds, and cover alternative graphemes and spellings.

Each book comes with a different coloured border that aligns with a Letter and Sounds phase.

  • Blue border – Phase 2

  • Yellow border – Phase 3

  • Green border – Phase 4

  • Pink/Magenta – Phase 5

BookLife Readers Series

BookLife Readers Decodable Readers

Get access to 180 decodable readers from the Booklife Readers series.

BookLife Readers titles are all phonetically decodable. The phonemes used throughout this series are in line with the order in which they are taught, offering a consistent approach to learning in the classroom.

Each book has a coloured title banner that aligns with a Coloured Book Branding Level.

  • Pink – Phase 2

  • Red – Phases 2 and 3

  • Yellow – Phase 3

  • Blue – Phases 3 and 4

  • Blue + – Phase 4 and Introduction to Phase 5

  • Green – Phase 5

More titles from the BookLife Readers series will be added to the Library soon, bringing the total number of decodable readers to around 360.

This means you’ll have a decodable reader for every day of the year!

Create and share phonics book collections in class

Extend your students’ phonics learning and promote a love of reading through unique phonics book collections.

Decodable Readers and Phonics Collections in Class

The Teacher Library in Reading Eggs makes it quick and easy to create custom book collections and share them with your class.

Use these collections on the class screen as part of a phonics lesson. Or share books with your students for home reading once you’ve taught the relevant phonemes and tricky words.

Students can easily access your book collection on the Library’s main navigation page by clicking on the bundle of books (labelled as ‘Your Books’) on the Librarian’s desk.

With over 450 decodable readers to choose from, students have plenty of opportunities to build on their reading and phonics skills.

Share a phonics decodable book collection with your class today

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