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Fun Games to Help Children Learn to Read in English

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ABC Reading Eggs contains hundreds of fun kids' games that help children learn to read in English. Start your free trial now

If you're looking for a way to help your child learn to read in English, ABC Reading Eggs is a high‑quality online learning resource that can be used at home.

ABC Reading Eggs is designed by highly experienced educators and has been used by over 20 million children around the world. Based on solid scientific research, the online learning program is designed to make learning to read in English fun and highly motivating for kids aged 2⁠–⁠13.

Children begin the program by doing a placement test, which matches them to the perfect starting level for their English‑reading ability. From there, they follow a sequence of highly engaging lessons that build essential English‑reading skills, like phonemic awareness (the ability to hear and manipulate the smallest units of sound), phonics (making the connection between letters and sounds), sight words (words that children memorise as a whole by sight), comprehension and vocabulary.

Play fun games that help kids learn to read in English!

ABC Reading Eggs features hundreds of fun online learning games, lessons and activities that help young children build essential English‑reading, writing and spelling skills for school. Start your free trial today!

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How does ABC Reading Eggs help kids learn to read in English?

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ABC Reading Eggs features clear and colourful visuals, narration and sound quality to help children learn to read in English. Start your free trial now

ABC Reading Eggs (as well as ABC Reading Eggspress, for older children aged 7⁠–⁠13) include a range of features that help young children build essential English‑reading skills while they play. These include:

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    clear graphics and visuals that are colourful, age‑appropriate and culturally sensitive

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    clear narration and sound quality available in three accents: American, British and Australian

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    lessons and games focus on essential reading, writing and listening skills.

Children can listen to and replay the narration and videos for each lesson, which are used for the main teaching focus of each lesson. They then complete an exciting range of interactive activities with high‑quality animations that reinforce each new skill. The ABC Reading Eggs program provides highly instructional activities that include rhyme, alliteration, breaking down of words into syllables, and blending, which all help children of non‑English speaking backgrounds become familiar with the sound of the English language. There are also fun songs that reinforce key concepts covered in the lessons.

By doing the ABC Reading Eggs lessons, children build essential early listening skills, including following instructions in English, as well as listening comprehension skills. Additionally, the e‑books at the end of the lessons include read‑to‑me audio narration, which provide children with a model to build reading fluency.

The lessons in ABC Reading Eggs are carefully structured to build your child's English‑reading skills sequentially. The program covers the five essential components of reading, including phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. You can read more about these core skills here.

The repetition of activities in ABC Reading Eggs is an engaging and meaningful way for children to build reading fluency and comprehension, and the range of fun and motivational elements keep young learners engaged and on track with improving their skills.

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ABC Reading Eggs uses fun games and lessons to help kids build the five essential components of reading in English. Start your free trial now

Building English vocabulary through carefully designed games

In terms of building your child's word bank in English, the vocabulary‑building activities in ABC Reading Eggs teach children new English words by showing clear graphics with associated text. Words are also narrated to model the correct pronunciation in either American‑English, British‑English or Australian‑English. Additionally, the Driving Test area further builds vocabulary skills, allowing children to test their knowledge of content words (words that have meaning), sight words and phonemic awareness.

New vocabulary words that appear in the e‑books at the end of each lesson are introduced beforehand during the activities. This makes it easier for children to memorise new words and their meaning. There are also several vocabulary‑building activities where new words are narrated, defined, used in context and illustrated.

Activities that ask children to label images (e.g. Label It, Label the Picture) also support your child's development of English vocabulary.

Online English Reading Games for Older Kids

ABC Reading Eggspress helps older children build their English‑reading skills after they've covered the basics. There are 220 comprehension lessons, and each book that is covered features a variety of pre‑reading activities that teach children key words and new vocabulary.

The ABC Reading Eggspress program also features live multiplayer games which provide an opportunity for friendly competition. Children are able to practise their new skills in spelling, vocabulary, usage and grammar.

Play fun games that help kids learn to read in English

Start your free trial of ABC Reading Eggs and see how your child's English‑reading skills can improve in just weeks. They'll love the fun online learning games, lessons, activities and e‑books, which are available on desktop, iOS and Android devices.

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